Thursday, November 15, 2012

iPhone Clean Out

Since writing a blog post appears to be too taxing for me.  I thought I would update you with a few photos from my phone (because I don't actually own a camera).

I decided to be a little crafty the other day and made these lovely items.

Derby also decided to be a little crafty with the left over yarn.  
You're right, having the yarn neatly in a ball was boring.

Is this not the most beautiful cake you have ever seen?  Congrats Annela and Marcos!

My dogs made me some artwork on the kitchen floors.  Don't ever buy dark hardwood floors.  
You have been warned.

Check out the new "toy" we got at the office the other day.

I stopped by Baker University, and finally saw the new sidewalk my sorority put in for our 100th anniversary.

Synchronized sleeping is a real event.  Rio 2016!

Derby in is his K-State jersey.

Check out those guns!