Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Forgetting Something?

I think living out of a suitcase is starting to get to me.  This week I forgot to pack pajamas, but that wasn't a big deal, I just slept in my work-out clothes.  But this morning I was really on my game.

I was completely ready to go for work, all I had to do was take the dogs out to do their business, put them in their kennel, and leave for work.  I am outside in front of our apartment walking our dogs when I suddenly realize, I am not wearing a bra.  How did I get completely dressed and ready for work and forget to put on a bra!?!  Luckily I figured it out before I truly left the house.  That would have been fun making it all the way to the office, only to turn around a put a bra on.

I think I need a check list in the morning.  Underwear. . .check, Bra. . .check, clothes. . .check.  Uhhh!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dumb Things My Dogs Do

I am starting to think that I should rename my blog "Dumb Things My Dogs Do," because I feel like that is mainly what I write about on here.  With that being said, here is another installment of. . .

"Dumb Things My Dogs Do."

If you don't know, or haven't caught on yet, we have two places we live.  One is our lovely home in Kansas City, and the other is an apartment in Wichita.  At our lovely home, we leave our dogs out when we have to leave.  They have gained our trust, and for the most part cause no problems while we are gone.  At our apartment we put them in a kennel and muzzle them so they won't bark (or rip the kennel door off).

Well last weekend, since our lovely mutts have done such a good job at home we decided to leave them out at our apartment.  We did a couple of trial runs, for a short period of time and they did great.  So Saturday night when we went to dinner with friends we left them out.

Fast forward to 11:00pm, and I get a phone call from our apartment.  Here is how it went.

Apt Lady: "Are you home?"

Me: "No"

Apt. Lady: "Well, I wanted to let you know your dogs are howling."

Me: "I am so sorry, we will be home soon to stop them."

Apt. Lady: " I think they are scared from the storm, because I have never heard them bark before."

Me: "Yep, that must be it, the storm."

It was not the storm.  1.) You can not hear a damn thing in our apartment, because it is an inside unit and we have no windows.  So they could not have heard the tiny storm that came through. 2.) You have never heard  them bark before because they are always muzzled.  I didn't want to tell the Apt. Lady this.

We say goodbye to our friends, and run home to find the following:  The door was unlocked when we arrived.  Cooper had pawed at the door enough that he unlocked the deadbolt.  Luckily, the door is too heavy, or he would have been running the hallways.  When we get inside the apartment, Derby has torn open a bag of cotton balls, and they are all over the living room.  Someone (no one would fess up) peed in the living room.  And to top off their little adventure.  Derby ate several disposable razors.  That's right, my brilliant dog ate razors, he's hard core like that.  Luckily, he didn't really eat the blade part of them, he more chewed the handles.  We found all of the razor blade heads, mangled around the apartment.

Just to add to the fun, a day or two later I was picking up Derby's poop outside, and what do I see.  Plastic razor handle pieces in his poop.

Everyone survived this little tantrum.  But now they are both back to kennels and muzzles, for their safety and ours.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Are You Ready For Some Football!

Our house is more than ready for football season to start.  Fantasy Football leagues are getting organized again, new K-State tickets have been selected, and Cooper has been working on his form.

That's right, Cooper full on, tackled me to the ground in the middle of the yard today.

I was standing in my backyard with my parents discussing some work we needed to do to the house, when all of a sudden I see Cooper out of the corner of my eye.  From the neighbor's yard Cooper is sprinting as fast as he can towards us.  By the time I see him, it is too late for me to do anything.  Cooper knocks my feet out from under me and I land flat on my back (and kind of on top of Cooper).  I am laying there on the ground trying to process what just happened, and making sure I didn't break any bones.  Cooper just trots around to me and looks at me like "Wasn't that fun."  I scrapped up the palm of my hand, and had a cut on the back of my leg, but other then that, I think I am okay.  I am sure I will be a little sore tomorrow.

Nothing like having a 76 pound dog run at you at a full sprint.  I case you haven't heard, Cooper has finally gained some weight, and is now 76 pounds.  His new nickname is the "Ol' 76er."

After four days of working on my house, and an impromptu tackling practice with Cooper, I am feel every bit of my 30 years.