Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I enjoy cooking, and I like to write (although you wouldn't know that by the lack of posts on here).  And some days I like to think I could be a food blogger.  I could write funny antidotes about my cooking and show you beautiful pictures of the finished dish.  But then I come back to reality, and realize that I am just a food blogger wannabe.

My favorite food blog is  Her writing is witty and funny, and she will easily make fun of herself in the kitchen.  She takes the most beautiful food photos, that make you want to lick your computer screen.  Most importantly, her recipes are all things I would like to eat.

Here are the reasons I will never be a food blogger.

1.  I don't own a camera.  Every picture seen on here was taken with my iphone.  And while cell phone cameras have come a long way, I don't think I will be winning any awards anytime soon for my iphone photos.  I am also not very good at setting up that mouth-watering shot.  I am lucky if I push everything else on the counter out of the way so you don't see what a disaster my kitchen is when I cook.

2.  I don't write my own recipes.  Almost everything I make comes from the internet, okay really it all comes from Pinterest.  I am a little bit addicted to that website.  Now don't get me wrong I will put my own spin on things every now and then, but for the most part I am just remaking what I saw online.  And if you have ever read any of the other wannabe food blogger's pages, if you don't credit back where you found the recipe (and rightfully so), the crazy food blogger women of the world will come after you.  I don't want to run that risk.

3.  It would be a sad, small food blog.  I haven't found the time recently to blog on here, let alone add food.  And the amount that I cook recently seems to be limited too.  Between travel and eating out, cooking is only on the weekends.

After all of the reasons why I will never be a food blogger, I thought I would show you a few of the items I whipped up in the kitchen (months ago) and finally pulled the photos off my phone and posted them to this blog.  Enjoy!

I made Shrimp Bisque from scratch using a recipe from Bon Appetit.

These are cookies I found on Pinterest, I think the plastic container adds to the yummy factor.

And finally, Egg Pizza, or the only items in my refrigerator so I threw them on a pizza. 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

iPhone Clean Out

Since writing a blog post appears to be too taxing for me.  I thought I would update you with a few photos from my phone (because I don't actually own a camera).

I decided to be a little crafty the other day and made these lovely items.

Derby also decided to be a little crafty with the left over yarn.  
You're right, having the yarn neatly in a ball was boring.

Is this not the most beautiful cake you have ever seen?  Congrats Annela and Marcos!

My dogs made me some artwork on the kitchen floors.  Don't ever buy dark hardwood floors.  
You have been warned.

Check out the new "toy" we got at the office the other day.

I stopped by Baker University, and finally saw the new sidewalk my sorority put in for our 100th anniversary.

Synchronized sleeping is a real event.  Rio 2016!

Derby in is his K-State jersey.

Check out those guns!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dumb Things My Dogs Do - Vol. 3

My life just wouldn't be what it is without our dogs constantly doing crazy things.

Let's start off with Cooper.  I bought a house when I was single, and we still own it today and are trying to rent it out.  We had some perspective renters coming to look at the house, so we took the dogs with us to show the house.  I am standing on the back patio of the house, showing the prospective renter the backyard and answering questions.  Cooper runs to the middle of the yard and starts throwing up neon green slime.  Thanks Cooper, nothing says "rent our house" like dog vomit in the backyard.

(Cooper is fine, we think he ate something in the yard and then promptly threw it up)

Just in case you were still wondering, Cooper is still crazy.  Don't be fooled by the many times I have said recently that he is much better and can be left alone now.  We were in our work apartment, where we normally muzzle and kennel the dogs so they can't get into trouble.  I had to run back to the office to pick up my car, so we just put the dogs in the kennel with no muzzles on.  I was gone 10-15 minutes max.  In that short time frame Cooper managed to completely shred the comforter that was in their kennel.  Nothing like fiber fill everywhere.  Derby decided to spread the mess all over our apartment.  We are trying to move to a new apartment, and fiber fill clean up was just what I needed.

Speaking of Derby, my husband and I are convinced this dog is part billy goat.  He will eat, or attempt to eat anything and everything he comes in contact with.  Fiber fill from dog toys or blankets, yum!  The other day I saw him eat a sticker/burr; that has to be good for the digestive tact.  We all know he ate razors.  Any and all trash we come in contact with on walks must also first be tasted.  Sometimes I will just see Derby walking up to me chewing something, it's always swallowed by the time I get to his mouth.  If I had a dollar for every time I said "What are you eating," or "Don't eat that." I would be a very rich woman.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dumb Things My Dogs Do - Vol. 2

I have been asked to post another addition of "Dumb Things My Dogs Do," so I thought long and hard, and here is what I came up with (actually just stuff they did this week).

Cooper has decided that his dog bed is no longer a viable option for sleeping in at night.  He starts out in his dog bed and after we get in bed he stands up and starts "fluffing" his bed.  Really he just wads the whole thing up into a ball, so that no one can sleep on it and then climbs in bed with us.  As if to say, "See, I can't sleep on that any more, it's all wadded up.  So I have to sleep with you."

When getting ready to leave in the morning to drive to Wichita for the week, Derby likes to add a little extra to my already busy morning.  Last week he puked three times on the carpet 10 minutes before I was ready to walk out the door.  Just what I wanted to clean up right before I leave town.  And I was dressed up for a meeting that day.  This week, Derby went outside to do his "business" with Cooper first thing in the morning and then disappeared for 10 minutes.  I got to stand outside like a crazy person in my pajamas at 6:45 in the morning yelling for him to come back.  I am positive my neighbors love me.  Later, I left the back door open so the dogs could go out one more time before we left while I was doing dishes.  My two dogs and the neighbor's 100+ pound Mastiff came in the house, party at our house!  The party quickly got busted.

By the way, my neighbor's 100+ pound dog is named Grace.  She is the sweetest dog, plays with our dogs, very friendly.  Makes Cooper look tiny, and he rarely looks tiny.  Here is the sad part, I know the dog's name is Grace, I have not a clue what the actual neighbor's name is.  There is the "Neighbor Lady" on one side and "Grace's Family" on the other.  That is how my husband and I keep it straight.  Sad, very very sad.

It's Fall and the squirrels are back in our yard.  They crawl on the fence, they crawl on our deck, they climb trees, and they climb up the side of our stucco siding.  And since the entire backside of our house is windows, they drive Derby bat-shit crazy.  Every time he sees a squirrel, he looses his mind.  He thinks he is going to catch one, but he is the worst hunter on the planet.  Instead of stalking his prey, he cries and wines and runs as fast as he can, making as much noise as he can towards the squirrels.  They always make it up the tree way ahead of him.  They jump from tree to tree and Derby follows on the ground crying.  Dumb.

Now for an addition of "Dumb Things My Husband and I Do To Our Dogs."

Derby is so squirrel crazy, that he has learned the word for squirrel.  So, we one of us says "Squirrel" he starts running around the house looking for one.  My husband and I may have been teasing him a little too much with this.  The funniest part is when we say "squirrel" in our windowless apartment in Wichita, he still freaks out, but there is no where for him to look for squirrels.  I know we are mean.

Finally, yesterday my husband found this dog toy that looks like a squirrel.  We bought it and brought it home.  We snuck around to the back of the house and positioned the toy on the deck.  Then when we went in the front of the house.  The dogs finally saw the toy on the deck and freaked out.  We let them out and both rushed at it.  Cooper got it first, and was very successful in "killing it."  It only took a couple of hours, but we now have two squirrel toys instead of one, squirrel body, and squirrel tail.  Nothing last long in our house.  And as I walked out the door this morning, I saw that someone had lovingly placed squirrel body on our bed for us, how nice.     

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bag Lady

I think all our traveling (living in two cities) has turned me into a bag lady.  I would like to think of myself as a very stylish bag lady, but bag lady none the less.  At the current time there are 5 suitcases and 3 or more tote bags sitting in our master bedroom.  Why have storage space for all your luggage, when you can just leave it all half packed in your room? 

Between packing a small bag every week for work, and the couple of recent trips we have taken our bedroom has gotten out of control.  Why use the same bag, when you can just drag out another one?  Our room literally looks like the baggage screening area at the airport, and the guards have riffled through our bags.  It is starting to stress me out a little.  I am very lucky to have a husband who hasn't said a word about the mess yet, he also hasn't done anything to fix the mess.  Hmmm, maybe that is why we are so compatible? 

I blame this disaster on my inability to pack light.  What is that?  Who does that?  I need options when I travel.  What if the weather changes, or I don't like what I packed (more likely)?  When I travel in car, and don't have the rules and restriction of the airline industry, I now travel with a minimum of 3 bags.  One for my clothes, one for my shoes, and one for my toiletry items.  My husband on the other hand, packs only what he needs and not an item more.  From the look on his face every time I pack for a trip I can tell that he is very impressed with my packing skills.

This weekend I vow to de-clutter our bedroom, and return all of our luggage to a more suitable storage space. . .at least for this week.  Agggg!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Forgetting Something?

I think living out of a suitcase is starting to get to me.  This week I forgot to pack pajamas, but that wasn't a big deal, I just slept in my work-out clothes.  But this morning I was really on my game.

I was completely ready to go for work, all I had to do was take the dogs out to do their business, put them in their kennel, and leave for work.  I am outside in front of our apartment walking our dogs when I suddenly realize, I am not wearing a bra.  How did I get completely dressed and ready for work and forget to put on a bra!?!  Luckily I figured it out before I truly left the house.  That would have been fun making it all the way to the office, only to turn around a put a bra on.

I think I need a check list in the morning.  Underwear. . .check, Bra. . .check, clothes. . .check.  Uhhh!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dumb Things My Dogs Do

I am starting to think that I should rename my blog "Dumb Things My Dogs Do," because I feel like that is mainly what I write about on here.  With that being said, here is another installment of. . .

"Dumb Things My Dogs Do."

If you don't know, or haven't caught on yet, we have two places we live.  One is our lovely home in Kansas City, and the other is an apartment in Wichita.  At our lovely home, we leave our dogs out when we have to leave.  They have gained our trust, and for the most part cause no problems while we are gone.  At our apartment we put them in a kennel and muzzle them so they won't bark (or rip the kennel door off).

Well last weekend, since our lovely mutts have done such a good job at home we decided to leave them out at our apartment.  We did a couple of trial runs, for a short period of time and they did great.  So Saturday night when we went to dinner with friends we left them out.

Fast forward to 11:00pm, and I get a phone call from our apartment.  Here is how it went.

Apt Lady: "Are you home?"

Me: "No"

Apt. Lady: "Well, I wanted to let you know your dogs are howling."

Me: "I am so sorry, we will be home soon to stop them."

Apt. Lady: " I think they are scared from the storm, because I have never heard them bark before."

Me: "Yep, that must be it, the storm."

It was not the storm.  1.) You can not hear a damn thing in our apartment, because it is an inside unit and we have no windows.  So they could not have heard the tiny storm that came through. 2.) You have never heard  them bark before because they are always muzzled.  I didn't want to tell the Apt. Lady this.

We say goodbye to our friends, and run home to find the following:  The door was unlocked when we arrived.  Cooper had pawed at the door enough that he unlocked the deadbolt.  Luckily, the door is too heavy, or he would have been running the hallways.  When we get inside the apartment, Derby has torn open a bag of cotton balls, and they are all over the living room.  Someone (no one would fess up) peed in the living room.  And to top off their little adventure.  Derby ate several disposable razors.  That's right, my brilliant dog ate razors, he's hard core like that.  Luckily, he didn't really eat the blade part of them, he more chewed the handles.  We found all of the razor blade heads, mangled around the apartment.

Just to add to the fun, a day or two later I was picking up Derby's poop outside, and what do I see.  Plastic razor handle pieces in his poop.

Everyone survived this little tantrum.  But now they are both back to kennels and muzzles, for their safety and ours.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Are You Ready For Some Football!

Our house is more than ready for football season to start.  Fantasy Football leagues are getting organized again, new K-State tickets have been selected, and Cooper has been working on his form.

That's right, Cooper full on, tackled me to the ground in the middle of the yard today.

I was standing in my backyard with my parents discussing some work we needed to do to the house, when all of a sudden I see Cooper out of the corner of my eye.  From the neighbor's yard Cooper is sprinting as fast as he can towards us.  By the time I see him, it is too late for me to do anything.  Cooper knocks my feet out from under me and I land flat on my back (and kind of on top of Cooper).  I am laying there on the ground trying to process what just happened, and making sure I didn't break any bones.  Cooper just trots around to me and looks at me like "Wasn't that fun."  I scrapped up the palm of my hand, and had a cut on the back of my leg, but other then that, I think I am okay.  I am sure I will be a little sore tomorrow.

Nothing like having a 76 pound dog run at you at a full sprint.  I case you haven't heard, Cooper has finally gained some weight, and is now 76 pounds.  His new nickname is the "Ol' 76er."

After four days of working on my house, and an impromptu tackling practice with Cooper, I am feel every bit of my 30 years.

Monday, July 16, 2012

I'm Feeling Blue

I'm seeing blue too.

Want to know what happens when your husband leaves a blue pen in his pants and you do laundry?

The ink ends up mainly on your stuff, not his.  Ugggg!  This has happened before, but usually with a load of jeans, and I know how to get the ink out of jeans.  I don't even know where to start with white pants.  And it is everywhere! Not just in one spot.  I don't even know how much time I want to waste on this, or if I should just chalk it up as a loss and throw them out.

I don't even know how the pen got past me.  I always check all pockets, because this has happened before. I even found a dollar in one pair of pants.  To top it off, I dried everything before I noticed the pen.

If you need me the next couple of days, I will be scrubbing blue pen out of a load of laundry.  I will except any and all suggestions.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

As American. . .

. . .as Apple Pie!

My husband baked this apple pie on our grill/smoker, and it was scrumptious!  The best part was he thought of the idea, looked up a recipe, bought all the ingredients, and made the pie all by himself (I helped crimp the edges).  One of the many reasons I love him.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Into the Wild

I am going to start this post off by saying, I live in the city.  The suburbs to be exact.  But I do not live in the country.  You wouldn't know that from all the wildlife I have been around lately.

Yesterday morning I all of a sudden hear Derby howling at the window (he howl/barks, it's the beagle in him).  I didn't see anything so I just think Derby is crazy.  But he keeps howling at something, so I finally look out the window a little harder to see what is going on.  And what do I spy, but this little fella.

Yes, that would be a little skunk in the picture.  It looks like a baby skunk, so I am sure there is a mama skunk around somewhere too.  I didn't go outside and didn't let the dogs outside for quite a while, and I guess he wandered off.  I just hope I don't end up with a skunked dog anytime soon.

To add to my animal adventure birds have been attacking both my house and my rental house.  This morning I came outside to a dead bird on my front porch.  I don't do well with live animals, let alone dead ones.  So I got a shovel and moved him to a better "final resting place."

At my rental house, a bird flew down the chimney and must have been flying around the inside of my house for quite a while before he final died.  Luckily I had my husband with me that time, so he got to move the bird outside.

The two dogs are enough for me.  I could use a few less encounters with nature.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Magnetic Nails

Check out my nails!

They are purple and swirly.  And I did them all by myself.  It's this new magnetic nail polish.

You paint a thin coat on all of your nails.  And then one at a time, you paint a thicker coat of polish on and then hold a magnet over your nail for 10 seconds and you end up with the cool wavy design.

The top of the polish has a magnet in it that pops off the brush that you can use.  Just don't get your nail too close the polish (like I did) or you smudge it and have to start over.

I think I am in love with my new Summer Swirly Nails.

Monday, June 4, 2012

1 Year

Today, my husband and I are celebrating our 1st Anniversary.  It has been one amazing year.  I am looking forward to many, many years to come and excitement that each year brings. Will, I love you so much!

Here are a few pictures from our wedding last year.  (Yes mom, I will get pictures printed soon!)

And one funny one.


Thursday, May 31, 2012

This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

Why can't I have something nice stay nice?  Six months ago I bought a brand new car.  I have never owned a new car before, I have always bought used cars.  I was so excited to have a brand-spankin' new, fresh off the lot car.

Two weeks ago I was rear ended in front of our office, and now the whole back bumper needs to be replaced.

Yesterday evening, I didn't park in the parking garage because I had to unload some stuff from my car at work.  My car got hailed on, and now I have hail damage on the hood of my car that needs to be repaired.

And just to add insult to injury, two days ago the dog puked in the back seat.

Can my string of bad luck with my car please just end now!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

This Is Only a Test

I think our dog Cooper is testing my mothering skills.  Yesterday morning when I went to take him out he made this really deep coughing noise.  When my hubby and I came home for lunch, his cough had gotten worse.  So we decided he should see the vet.  I made an appointment for that afternoon for a vet in town (this is not our normal vet, actually it is like the 10th vet we've seen in the last two years, joys of moving).

I am of course running late leaving the office to pick up Cooper and take him to his appointment.  So I run home, grab Cooper out of his kennel, shove Derby back in the kennel and run out the door.  Derby was not a happy camper that he got left behind.

Cooper hates the vet, all vets, any vets.  He cowers and tries to hide behind me and does his best sad eyes.  So it is hard to tell what is him not feeling well and what is him being a wuss at the vet.  When we get to the vet Cooper is full on drooling all over the place and all over himself.  You could have mopped the floor when we left the exam room and Cooper's whole front shoulder was covered in drool.

It is also fun to try and explain to a vet the symptoms that your dog has, when of course as soon as you arrive at the vet he is no longer coughing.  Luckily, the vet was quick, and 30 minutes later we were out of there with two prescriptions.  The vet thought Cooper has a cold.

But as soon as we left, Cooper seemed to be getting worse.  He didn't want to get in the car, and then on the way home, he threw up in the back seat of my car (let me tell you how happy dog puke in the back of your new car makes you).  One the way home, I also find out my hubby is on his way to another town for work, so I get to handle this all by myself.

I get Cooper home and shove four pills down his throat, and try to make him comfortable in his bed in the middle of the living room.  Cooper is breathing really hard, like he has mucus in his airway.  All evening long I was trying to make him comfortable, and rubbing his belly.  I knew he didn't feel good, he hardly moved all night.

When we went to bed, I kept waking up every hour or so to check on him and make sure he was doing okay.  In the middle of the night he got up to drink water and then wanted out, so I took him out.  I didn't get a lot of sleep last night.

In the morning Cooper was breathing normally again, but still didn't feel well.  I was torn between leaving him at home by himself and going to work, and staying home with him to check on him.  I ended up going to work, and when I came home at lunch he looked much better.  He was even wagging his tail.

He is still not 100%, but I think he is finally on the mend.  I could do with out these mothering tests.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

I'm Leaving, On a Jet Plane

I don't know when I'll be back again.  (This was the song my mother sang to me as a baby, and some how I turned out "normal").

Actually I do know when I'll be back again.  I am headed to Vegas for a few days with my girls from Texas (ironically, only two of us is from Texas, we just all met in Texas).

Hopefully I will remember to take a picture or two and will share with you when I get back.

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Baby Shower

A couple of weeks ago, I helped a good friend throw a Baby Shower for another good friend of ours, and all of our husbands were all roommates in college.  Still with me?  Anyways, it was a couples shower and it was a lot of fun.  I highly recommend a couples shower over just a regular girls shower.

My friend, Laura, who threw the shower is a pro at taking pictures (no really, people pay her to take pictures).  So I am stealing her blog post with all of the good pictures from the event.  Check out all the cute stuff we made for the party and the new mommy.

Baby Shower

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

An Elephant Never Forgets

I am apparently no elephant (in more ways than one).

I feel like lately I forget all sorts of things.  It could be that I have crammed too much into my brain over the last nine months, and my memory is revolting.

You would think I would be a pro at packing by now, I do it every week.  But I think I am actually digressing.  A few weeks ago I cleaned out my "Bathroom Bag." It holds everything I need to get ready, and then some.  It was getting heavy so I cleaned it out.  When I got done I was so proud of myself because it was so lite.  Until I got half way to Wichita and realized it was so lite because I forgot to pack my straightener and hair dryer.  Although, I do have to say this forgetfulness turned out good, because the new ones I picked up work much better.  Last week I managed to forget all of my jewelry (except for my wedding rings), socks, and my favorite flip flops.  I felt naked without jewelry all week.

I month ago I was filling out some health questions and I completely forgot to mention that my mom had breast cancer.  I guess in my mind since my mom was never sick, and never had chemo, she also never had breast cancer.  She did have a double mastectomy, which I guess my brain just lumped in with some of her other surgeries.  I have no explanation for this laps in memory, and feel kind of bad about it.

If it wasn't for Facebook, I would not remember any of my friend's birthdays.  I always remember my family's birthdays, not that I always remember to send anything.  I am working on remembering my in-laws' birthdays.  And Will and I have not had our 1st wedding anniversary yet, so neither one of us has had the opportunity to forget that one.

Don't even get me started on internet passwords.  Why does absolutely everything on the internet have to have a password?  I try to use some of the same passwords, I know it is not as safe, but I can't remember 3,572 passwords.  Our health insurance alone has 3 different user id and password combos.  Today I forgot the password to our copier in the office. Luckily I found the small piece of paper I had scribbled it on from the last time I forgot, and had to call the company to find out what it was.

I know I could be more organized, but let's face it, at 30 my personality is not going to magically change to a Type A organized person.  I like my piles and my mess, and for the most part I am keeping it all together.  At least that's what I let everyone think.  ;)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dear Scale,

It's me, Jordan.

I have been away from you for almost two weeks now.  I was hoping that when we are reunited this weekend, that you could show me a little love.  Be kind to me when I hold my breath and wait for the magic number to appear.

The last week and a half, I have been a lot more active, taken the dogs on several long walks, and been eating healthy meals at home almost every night.

Please reflect a little of my hard work in the number that you present me with this weekend.  I need the encouragement to keep making healthy strides in the right direction.

Sincerely Yours,

P.S.  I also have a little Ladies Vegas trip coming up in three short weeks, can you help me out?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Art Snobs

Cooper and Derby just do not appreciate art.  Now, I do realize they are dogs, and the concept of "Art" may be a little beyond them, but they don't have to be scared of it.

This morning I took the dogs for a walk in downtown Wichita and encountered a sculpture on the street. This one to be exact.

Cooper and Derby were not a fan of this work.  They both had their fur all bristled up.  They walked as far away from the sculpture as they could, and they kept watching it as they walked by like it was going to suddenly attack.

I have been trying to learn what makes fine art.  I am not artistic at all.  My brother got all of the art genes in our family.  He is a fantastic ceramics artist.  According to many in the art world, his work is really good.  I am just lucky to have free art in my home (even if I do get some of the "reject work").

Check out my brother, Alex Beam-Ward's website.

Here are a few photos of his work.

That is made of ceramics, not wood and metal.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ladies Night(s)

I have been lucky enough to have three ladies nights in a row this week.  After many "not so good for me" meals and a case of wine, here is what I have learned.

What kind of curtains should go in my kitchen.
Where the best decorating stores are in KC.
How to best clean my bathroom.
How to best seduce my husband.
What to do with woman we don't care for.
What to not use a Groupon for.
How to deal with difficult in-laws (not mine).
What new golf clubs I should buy.
How to hit the perfect drive.
Who is currently pregnant and not pregnant.
How to pack for a cross county move.
How to deal with crazy bosses (again not mine).
What you need to plan a great party.
How to try an get pregnant.
How to try and not get pregnant.

and. . .

World Peace.

Women always find the solution for World Peace at a ladies night, or at least peace in their world.

My liver and I will now be recovering from our case of wine.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Amazon Woman

I have been on the hunt for some cute, summery espadrilles for several weeks.  I have found tons of really cute shoes that I would love to own. . . here comes my problem. . . they all have 4 inch heels or higher.  I am already a tall woman, 5'9".  Not like freakishly tall, but definitely above average.  If I wear shoes that have 4 inch heels or taller that makes me 6'1" or taller.  That takes me from above average, right to Amazon Woman height.

I have always loved being tall.  I am not ashamed of being tall.  When I was in pre-school I was one of the tallest in my class (pretty much the tallest all through elementary school).  My mom asked me once if I was okay with being so tall, I said yeah, it was great because I was the only one in class that could reach the paper towels.  Being tall has always had it's ups and downs.  I have always had a hard time find pants that are long enough.  And men sometimes have a hard time with a woman being taller then them (luckily my husband is a full inch taller then me).

But back to the shoes.  What happened to 2 1/2 inch heels being the norm?  Even shoes that aren't espadrilles have huge platforms in them.

How do you even walk in shoes like these?  I have tried on shoes like these in the store, and they always make me laugh.  I tried them on next to my mom who is 5'6", and the top of her head came to my shoulder.  I don't mind, that if in heels, I am a little taller than my husband.  But towering over him and everyone else in the room is a little embarrassing.

I know they do still make some espadrilles and heels in lower heights.  I do own a few pairs.  But lately I feel like the lower (normal) heels are in more matronly styles, or look old lady to me.  All of the really fun, sexy heels seem to only come in the 4 inch heels and higher.  And why wear heels, if not to feel a little sexy?

I will continue my search for perfect pair.  Hope you have enjoyed the view.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my amazing, wonderful, awesome husband!  He makes me smile and laugh everyday.  I hope he has a wonderful birthday.  There are so many who love and admire him.  You would not believe the number of people who have contacted me because they want to do something special for his birthday.  He deserves every bit of the celebration!

Happy Birthday Will!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Boys

I was going through my phone the other day, and noticed that I take a lot of pictures of our dogs.  I though I would share a few.  Yes, I am that crazy dog lady.

Sunning themselves on the deck.

"Where are you going to sleep?"

My Derb-Derb

Shhh, Cooper is sleeping.

Brothers make great pillows.

"Hi Mom!"


Nice lip Cooper.

So exhausted after playing at Wyatt's house.

"It's okay to be on the furniture, right?"

Coop D - O Double G

Life is more fun with your tongue out.

As you can see, pretty much all our dogs do is sleep.