Thursday, April 5, 2012

Amazon Woman

I have been on the hunt for some cute, summery espadrilles for several weeks.  I have found tons of really cute shoes that I would love to own. . . here comes my problem. . . they all have 4 inch heels or higher.  I am already a tall woman, 5'9".  Not like freakishly tall, but definitely above average.  If I wear shoes that have 4 inch heels or taller that makes me 6'1" or taller.  That takes me from above average, right to Amazon Woman height.

I have always loved being tall.  I am not ashamed of being tall.  When I was in pre-school I was one of the tallest in my class (pretty much the tallest all through elementary school).  My mom asked me once if I was okay with being so tall, I said yeah, it was great because I was the only one in class that could reach the paper towels.  Being tall has always had it's ups and downs.  I have always had a hard time find pants that are long enough.  And men sometimes have a hard time with a woman being taller then them (luckily my husband is a full inch taller then me).

But back to the shoes.  What happened to 2 1/2 inch heels being the norm?  Even shoes that aren't espadrilles have huge platforms in them.

How do you even walk in shoes like these?  I have tried on shoes like these in the store, and they always make me laugh.  I tried them on next to my mom who is 5'6", and the top of her head came to my shoulder.  I don't mind, that if in heels, I am a little taller than my husband.  But towering over him and everyone else in the room is a little embarrassing.

I know they do still make some espadrilles and heels in lower heights.  I do own a few pairs.  But lately I feel like the lower (normal) heels are in more matronly styles, or look old lady to me.  All of the really fun, sexy heels seem to only come in the 4 inch heels and higher.  And why wear heels, if not to feel a little sexy?

I will continue my search for perfect pair.  Hope you have enjoyed the view.


  1. I have the exact same problem. Drives me crazy, only floods for pants and 4" heels. I am glad ballet flats and Capri's are so popular. I work with a lot of guys and most of them are my height or shorter. I like just a little heel and they are so hard to find in anything cute/sexy. So not fair! I feel your pain and loved the shoe show.

  2. I love your taste in shoes but like you, I'm tall and I would look like a walking lamp-post. lol Plus, this chick is considered middled aged now so I can't walk in them like I used to.

  3. Have you ever shopped at ALDO? It's my favorite shoe store (super cute, comfortable and reasonable prices). They do have more options for us vertically challenged girls but check out their website. They have a "mid-low" category with super cute and sexy heels that aren't too tall. For some reason it's not letting me paste a link. I don't see espadrilles, but I'm eyeing a pair of coral patent leather kitten heels myself :)