Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ladies Night(s)

I have been lucky enough to have three ladies nights in a row this week.  After many "not so good for me" meals and a case of wine, here is what I have learned.

What kind of curtains should go in my kitchen.
Where the best decorating stores are in KC.
How to best clean my bathroom.
How to best seduce my husband.
What to do with woman we don't care for.
What to not use a Groupon for.
How to deal with difficult in-laws (not mine).
What new golf clubs I should buy.
How to hit the perfect drive.
Who is currently pregnant and not pregnant.
How to pack for a cross county move.
How to deal with crazy bosses (again not mine).
What you need to plan a great party.
How to try an get pregnant.
How to try and not get pregnant.

and. . .

World Peace.

Women always find the solution for World Peace at a ladies night, or at least peace in their world.

My liver and I will now be recovering from our case of wine.

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