Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Art Snobs

Cooper and Derby just do not appreciate art.  Now, I do realize they are dogs, and the concept of "Art" may be a little beyond them, but they don't have to be scared of it.

This morning I took the dogs for a walk in downtown Wichita and encountered a sculpture on the street. This one to be exact.

Cooper and Derby were not a fan of this work.  They both had their fur all bristled up.  They walked as far away from the sculpture as they could, and they kept watching it as they walked by like it was going to suddenly attack.

I have been trying to learn what makes fine art.  I am not artistic at all.  My brother got all of the art genes in our family.  He is a fantastic ceramics artist.  According to many in the art world, his work is really good.  I am just lucky to have free art in my home (even if I do get some of the "reject work").

Check out my brother, Alex Beam-Ward's website. www.alexbeamward.com

Here are a few photos of his work.

That is made of ceramics, not wood and metal.

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