Tuesday, May 8, 2012

An Elephant Never Forgets

I am apparently no elephant (in more ways than one).

I feel like lately I forget all sorts of things.  It could be that I have crammed too much into my brain over the last nine months, and my memory is revolting.

You would think I would be a pro at packing by now, I do it every week.  But I think I am actually digressing.  A few weeks ago I cleaned out my "Bathroom Bag." It holds everything I need to get ready, and then some.  It was getting heavy so I cleaned it out.  When I got done I was so proud of myself because it was so lite.  Until I got half way to Wichita and realized it was so lite because I forgot to pack my straightener and hair dryer.  Although, I do have to say this forgetfulness turned out good, because the new ones I picked up work much better.  Last week I managed to forget all of my jewelry (except for my wedding rings), socks, and my favorite flip flops.  I felt naked without jewelry all week.

I month ago I was filling out some health questions and I completely forgot to mention that my mom had breast cancer.  I guess in my mind since my mom was never sick, and never had chemo, she also never had breast cancer.  She did have a double mastectomy, which I guess my brain just lumped in with some of her other surgeries.  I have no explanation for this laps in memory, and feel kind of bad about it.

If it wasn't for Facebook, I would not remember any of my friend's birthdays.  I always remember my family's birthdays, not that I always remember to send anything.  I am working on remembering my in-laws' birthdays.  And Will and I have not had our 1st wedding anniversary yet, so neither one of us has had the opportunity to forget that one.

Don't even get me started on internet passwords.  Why does absolutely everything on the internet have to have a password?  I try to use some of the same passwords, I know it is not as safe, but I can't remember 3,572 passwords.  Our health insurance alone has 3 different user id and password combos.  Today I forgot the password to our copier in the office. Luckily I found the small piece of paper I had scribbled it on from the last time I forgot, and had to call the company to find out what it was.

I know I could be more organized, but let's face it, at 30 my personality is not going to magically change to a Type A organized person.  I like my piles and my mess, and for the most part I am keeping it all together.  At least that's what I let everyone think.  ;)


  1. I can't remember what the heck I wore yesterday. But for some magical reason I can still remember certain 'regulars' orders at Hibachi Hut when I worked there......idk......a million years ago.

    What the duck?!

  2. You are not alone!!!!!!!!! PS - so so so happy your mom is such a fighter :)