Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dumb Things My Dogs Do - Vol. 3

My life just wouldn't be what it is without our dogs constantly doing crazy things.

Let's start off with Cooper.  I bought a house when I was single, and we still own it today and are trying to rent it out.  We had some perspective renters coming to look at the house, so we took the dogs with us to show the house.  I am standing on the back patio of the house, showing the prospective renter the backyard and answering questions.  Cooper runs to the middle of the yard and starts throwing up neon green slime.  Thanks Cooper, nothing says "rent our house" like dog vomit in the backyard.

(Cooper is fine, we think he ate something in the yard and then promptly threw it up)

Just in case you were still wondering, Cooper is still crazy.  Don't be fooled by the many times I have said recently that he is much better and can be left alone now.  We were in our work apartment, where we normally muzzle and kennel the dogs so they can't get into trouble.  I had to run back to the office to pick up my car, so we just put the dogs in the kennel with no muzzles on.  I was gone 10-15 minutes max.  In that short time frame Cooper managed to completely shred the comforter that was in their kennel.  Nothing like fiber fill everywhere.  Derby decided to spread the mess all over our apartment.  We are trying to move to a new apartment, and fiber fill clean up was just what I needed.

Speaking of Derby, my husband and I are convinced this dog is part billy goat.  He will eat, or attempt to eat anything and everything he comes in contact with.  Fiber fill from dog toys or blankets, yum!  The other day I saw him eat a sticker/burr; that has to be good for the digestive tact.  We all know he ate razors.  Any and all trash we come in contact with on walks must also first be tasted.  Sometimes I will just see Derby walking up to me chewing something, it's always swallowed by the time I get to his mouth.  If I had a dollar for every time I said "What are you eating," or "Don't eat that." I would be a very rich woman.


  1. ROFL...billy goat!

    Well I know I would like Cooper because that's a family name so I like him already.

    My "Buddy" can eat the biggest tree roots I've ever seen. lol

    Enjoyed reading.


  2. so...did the couple rent the house?? :)