Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I enjoy cooking, and I like to write (although you wouldn't know that by the lack of posts on here).  And some days I like to think I could be a food blogger.  I could write funny antidotes about my cooking and show you beautiful pictures of the finished dish.  But then I come back to reality, and realize that I am just a food blogger wannabe.

My favorite food blog is  Her writing is witty and funny, and she will easily make fun of herself in the kitchen.  She takes the most beautiful food photos, that make you want to lick your computer screen.  Most importantly, her recipes are all things I would like to eat.

Here are the reasons I will never be a food blogger.

1.  I don't own a camera.  Every picture seen on here was taken with my iphone.  And while cell phone cameras have come a long way, I don't think I will be winning any awards anytime soon for my iphone photos.  I am also not very good at setting up that mouth-watering shot.  I am lucky if I push everything else on the counter out of the way so you don't see what a disaster my kitchen is when I cook.

2.  I don't write my own recipes.  Almost everything I make comes from the internet, okay really it all comes from Pinterest.  I am a little bit addicted to that website.  Now don't get me wrong I will put my own spin on things every now and then, but for the most part I am just remaking what I saw online.  And if you have ever read any of the other wannabe food blogger's pages, if you don't credit back where you found the recipe (and rightfully so), the crazy food blogger women of the world will come after you.  I don't want to run that risk.

3.  It would be a sad, small food blog.  I haven't found the time recently to blog on here, let alone add food.  And the amount that I cook recently seems to be limited too.  Between travel and eating out, cooking is only on the weekends.

After all of the reasons why I will never be a food blogger, I thought I would show you a few of the items I whipped up in the kitchen (months ago) and finally pulled the photos off my phone and posted them to this blog.  Enjoy!

I made Shrimp Bisque from scratch using a recipe from Bon Appetit.

These are cookies I found on Pinterest, I think the plastic container adds to the yummy factor.

And finally, Egg Pizza, or the only items in my refrigerator so I threw them on a pizza. 


  1. Shit. I forgot about those cookies you made. Those were freaking amazing!!!

  2. Egg Pizza. That actually looks really good. I wonder if my husband would go for that. . .