Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dumb Things My Dogs Do - Vol. 4

It's been a while since I've posted another installment of Dumb Things My Dogs Do.  Trust me it is not from a lack of activity, I've just been slow to update you.

I will start off with the best story.  When my husband and I went on vacation for a week this January we left Cooper and Derby at doggy daycare.  It's a place where they don't stay in kennels, but get to run and play in a big room with other dogs.  They love it and have stayed there many many times.  So imagine our surprise, when just a few days into our trip we get a message from my sister-in-law that Cooper got sick. . . and had to be taken to the emergency vet. . . and she was now going to watch Cooper and Derby for the rest of our vacation.  Our theory was that Cooper didn't want to be left for a week without us, and made himself sick to get him and Derby out of doggy daycare and to stay with Aunt Krista.  When we finally got home, the doggy daycare called us and said that Cooper was not the only dog that got sick and something was going around.  Nothing like coming home to some awesome vet bills.  Everyone on vacation with us had a good laugh at Cooper's expense.

It has snowed over a foot here, and to watch Derby walk through the snow is the funniest thing.  He is very careful of where he steps, and if he can help it, he will step in my footsteps so it is easier for him, I have never seen a dog do that before.  Other times he will tear around the yard like it's a game.  He also will pounce chunks of snow and ice and then try to eat them.

When we came home last Friday I parked in the street so I could shovel our driveway out.  The dogs had been outside with me helping.  When the snow plow was coming through our street I went to move my car, and was stuck.  So we put the dogs inside while my husband and I and the snow plow driver and our neighbor all worked to get my car unstuck.  A few minutes in, and both dogs are trotting down the driveway to see what is going on, so we put them back inside.  A few minutes later, and they are coming down the drive again.  My husband finally put them inside and wedged a broom in the door handle so they couldn't get out again.  It really is no longer a challenge for Cooper to open the door, he just does it when he wants out.

We have a big hill behind our house, and with the recent snow, it is a very popular sledding area.  For the past week there have been at least 30 people on the hill at all times.  The funny thing is the dogs will fall asleep in the living room and when they wake up they start barking at the sledders all over again.  Last time it snowed they would run out to just they edge of the hill to check out the sledders, this time the snow is too deep so they watch from a far, preferably from their chairs inside.

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  1. OMG. Hilarious!!

    I love Cooper and Derby stories. You should write a book!