Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I-35 Observations

I spend a lot of time on I-35.  It's a highway I have come to know and love, and sometimes loathe.

Today on my weekly I-35 trip I made a few observations.

Kansas is windy.  I know this is not a new revelation, but man it was bad today.  I felt like I got a workout just keeping my car on the road.  No, fellow I-35 drivers, I am not drunk, it just looks that way every time the wind gusts and my car swerves all over my lane.

"Jock Jams" is awesome and horrible all at the same time.  Spend enough time on the road, and you will listen to some interesting music over time.  Today the 90's on 9 graced me with the 90's mash-up hit that was  "Jock Jams."  In case you forgot about the awesomely-horrific nature of this song, feast your ears upon this.

Spring has Sprung!  Well, almost.  The farther south I went today, the more the snow has melted, unlike the piles of snow that still grace my front lawn.  And in some of those defrosted fields, they were starting to turn green, or sprout green?  I am obviously not a farmer.  I am though, excited about the prospect of Spring being here.  I love Spring, and I am ready for my house to not look like this anymore.

Or this.

That's it for this addition of I-35 Observations, drive safe!

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