Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fire Safety

We had a lot of "big wigs" from the client we do work for in our offices this week.  One of them is the Safety Manager, and I think he got bored.  He decided to check all of the office's fire extinguishers (which is probably a good thing).  The best part is that he decided that everyone in our building need to have fire extinguisher training yesterday afternoon.

So we all met downstairs, and he went through all the parts of the fire extinguisher,and what all the numbers and letters on the side of it mean (I will never remember that).  And then we learned a fun little acronym.

P - Pull pin
A - Aim
S - Squeeze trigger
S - Sweep

Don't you all feel safer for knowing this?  I know I do.  Then the Safety Manager announced that each floor needed to appoint a Fire Warden for the floor.  The first thing that popped into my head was. . . Does the Fire Warden get a hat?  I was trying so hard not to laugh through most of the meeting, so I just looked down at my shoes.

Our building is tiny, and there are three exits all within a very short distance of each other (I can stand on one spot and see all three exits).  But now we have to make exit maps and post them around the office.  He also suggested that when we have people visit our office, the first thing we should do with them is point out the exit strategy maps.  "Hi, welcome to our office, here is how you will exit if we catch fire in the next hour."  I don't think this will happen.

Plan your exit now!

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