Monday, March 5, 2012


I have a lack of motivation.

With out a carrot dangling in front of me or the fear of a deadline, I have a hard time making myself do pretty much anything that I have deemed, no fun.

So I have decided I need a "carrot" to get me motivated to be healthier.  I thought doing the Challenge with Laura would help me, but lost motivation with that too.  (P.S. I still owe Laura her prize, sorry).  So I am giving myself a new challenge, a new goal.

I really want a new colorful pair of skinny jeans for the Spring (actually I want 2 pairs, one in a color and one in white).  Aren't they cute?

My goal/motivation/challenge is I can buy the new jeans when I get back down to 150 lbs.  I think this is a manageable goal, but I am still going to have to work at it.  This will also insure that I do not look like an over stuffed colorful sausage in the skinny jeans.  So when you see me ordering the french fries, or skipping out on my work out, remind me of the jeans I really want.

Turns out great minds think a like.  I was thinking about this goal over the weekend, and when I set down to my computer this morning, who has the same goal?  Laura.  This time lets make our husbands a little prouder.

1 comment:

  1. YES!!!

    We can do this!!!

    And if we get spin dip, no nachos, no nothing! We both have to keep us 'in check'!