Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Shopping at Mom and Dad's

Like I said in my last post, we are renting an apartment near our new office.  So I have to find things to fill this apartment.  I am pretty lucky, between recently getting married and my husband and I each having our own houses before we met, I pretty much have two of everything.  Two sets of silverware, drinking glasses, kitchen tools, pots and pans.  My husband thinks I am a pack rat, but it is times like these that it comes in handy that I have hung on to some stuff.

I come from a family of pack rats, or at least one, my mom.  Whenever we are moving or needing to get rid of something it usually ends up in my parent's basement.  My parent's basement is packed from floor to ceiling with all sorts of things.

Need a costume for Halloween?  Their basement has wigs, clothes, costumes, etc.

Need extra Christmas decorations?  I got two trees, lights, and tableware out of there.

Need an extra golf club?  I am pretty sure you can find a whole set down there if you look.

Need a cooler?  They have every shape and size.

Need sidewalk chalk to entertain your nieces during Christmas?  Yes, my mom dug out some sidewalk chalk that had to be a decade old.  Sadly, I remembered she had some.

So when I called my mom this week and asked if they had an extra set of dishes we could use in the new apartment, she went down to the basement, and sure enough they have a set.  In the process, she tried to get me to take a bread maker and coffee maker they don't make the coffee pods for anymore.

I know I am going to get in BIG trouble for writing this post.  I am the biggest offender of storing my stuff in my parent's basement.  But what are parents for, if not to store my odds and ends from college?  My dad has instituted a new rule: If it leaves the basement, it can not come back to the basement.  This was enacted after I took most of my stuff when I bought my own house, only to return it to my parent's basement after my husband and I started traveling around the country.

Mom and Dad, I promise not to bring anything back to your basement from now on.  Wink, wink!

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  1. I love storing stuff at Mom and Dad's! What are they here for:)