Monday, November 7, 2011

Mind the Gap

Let me tell you a little about my love/hate relationship with Gap jeans.  I have been wearing Gap jeans since high school.  I have always loved them.  They are classic, fit well, and were one of the first stores to carry longs (I am pretty sure I looked like I was preparing for a flood most of my childhood because I grew out of pants so fast, or they were never really long enough in the first place).

Anyways, in the last few years Gap has changed the way they make their jeans.  They now have stretch in them or something.  The sales people even tell you to buy a size down because they will stretch out as you wear them.  I think this is a little ridiculous, don't most jeans stretch out as you wear them anyways.  Well I still buy Gap jeans, and I always start out my day with tight jeans that fit properly and by the end of the day I have what I refer to as "saggy ass."  I do not need my jeans to stretch out 3 extra sizes to be more comfortable, it just makes my butt look weird.

Speaking of my rear, what has happened to it lately.  I always thought I had a nice looking behind, but lately it seems wider.  I sure this could be from sitting all day, my lack of exercise, my less then stellar diet, the fact that I have recently turned 30, or all of the above.  But I digress.

I wish the Gap would just go back to making regular jeans and not magical growing jeans.  And while they are at it, can they just go back to selling the cute basics they always sold.  Lately I never find anything I like at the regular Gap.  Now the Gap Outlet is a whole other story, I always walk out with a huge bag of clothes (like the one I did last Tuesday, new sweaters!).

I would post a picture of the current "saggy ass" jeans I'm wearing to illustrate my point, but you don't want to see that on a Monday.  Hope your Monday went better then mine.


  1. I have a hard time finding anything in Gap lately too...and for some reason the jeans I've tried on have been way too small, even in the size I have worn for the last few years. Ugh. And totally agree on the Gap outlet thing...I cannot get out of that place without a bag full!

  2. At least you don't HAVE to wear one specific brand of jeans because that's the only brand that have the F'd up waist to butt ratio that is my body. Then I have to try on every style in said brand because they are all made differently and some don't fit.

    All jean companies can suck it.

  3. I agree...hence the reason I have succumbed to wally world at least then I don't feel guilty $20 bucks later and if they end up in the thrift store pile I don't feel guilty. I spend good money on work slacks and will pay extra to have them altered if and when necessary. Bite me! jean companies!!