Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Post from Starbucks

I am currently typing this post in a Starbucks near my house.  Why you may ask?  Well I will tell you, because I currently have no internet service at my new home, and Starbucks will let me use theirs for free (well for the price of a yummy non-fat chai tea latte).

I am so pissed at AT&T I could scream, actually I did scream earlier.  It didn't make me feel better, nor did it fix the problem.

We were scheduled to have our internet installed on Monday.  The tech came to my house and messed around with some stuff outside and then he came in and hooked his computer up and said that it all worked.  And then he left, now I know I should have made him stay and make sure mine worked, but I didn't.  So, I called the AT&T support and they told me that even though the tech had turned on the internet it would not work until after 8 pm Monday night because that was when it was scheduled to start.  Tell me how that makes any sense, it doesn't!

So I waited until 8 pm, still no internet.  I unplugged everything, reset everything, did everything I could, and still no internet.  So this morning I call AT&T again (their call service is very annoying, and no, I don't know the last 4 of my husband's social off the top of my head).  I explained my situation to several people and then my call got sent to India.  That guy was zero help, and didn't understand what I was telling him, so I hung up, and screamed again.

Then I called back and some call center woman kept trying to sell me other services.  Why would I buy another service from you when you can not get the current service I ordered to work?  She wanted me to switch my cell phone service and I told her no 3 times.  Finally, I got transferred to American tech support.  They put me on hold several times and then said they can't fix it from there.  So now a tech has to come to my house again.  Of course the soonest they can get anyone out to the house is tomorrow.  I screamed again.

Now here is the kicker.  If they deem the problem is on their end, the service call is free.  If they decided the problem is on my end, the service call will be $100.  Like hell I am paying them $100 for something they never got to work in the first place.  

I did a lot of screaming this morning.  I think my dogs think I am crazy, it's okay, I know they are crazy.

So, if I write you all another post from Starbucks, you will know AT&T has failed me once again.



  1. oh shit. That sucks. major.

    Keep calm and add copious amounts of liquor to your chai tea. ;-)

  2. Seriously - some people shouldn't be allowed to breathe. Ugh. Hope everything gets fixed!

  3. Sorry about your internet - SUCKS!! but does this mean you are in KS?!?