Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fa-La-La-La La-La La

It's Christmas Music Time!!!

I love Christmas music.  I always have (but only after Thanksgiving).  I know all the words to all the Christmas songs, even songs that aren't that traditional.  You could say I am obsessed.  Growing up, my family must have had 25+ Christmas CDs.  I think my all time favorite is Amy Grant's Home for Christmas.  I love to sing along to all the songs.

The only problem is I can not carry a tune, I can't even drag one behind me.  I am an awful singer, totally off key, off tune, off pitch, off everything.  My whole family suffers from being horrible singers, I think it is genetic.  I can't even stand the sound of my own singing, I know it is really bad.  So my solution is to turn the music up really loud, that way it drowns out the sound of my own voice.

My poor dogs are the only ones that really have to suffer through my horrendous singing.  When I go on long car trips by myself, I sing along to the radio to keep me awake.  I am surprised I have not driven them crazy, I am sure I hit notes that only dogs can hear, and the whole thing sounds like a sick cat.

I hope everyone enjoys the Christmas music this time of year, and I promise not to come caroling anytime soon.


  1. Radio stations here are playing Cmas music all day every day and I love it!

  2. Amy Grant.....oh, what a blast from the past.

    My fav xmas cd....Frank sinatra. Random, I know.
    Story of my life.

  3. I always remember all the nutcrackers your paents have... and going to see the ballet with our moms :)

  4. Love me some Christmas tunes. My fav is Alabama the first one, not the second one. Also love me some Burl Ives. No one sings Rudolph like Burl!