Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Power of Craigslist

So, if you haven't heard the news. . . we moved!  We are no longer Texans, and once again Kansans.

First, I have to say a big THANK YOU to my mom.  She rode down to Texas with us and helped us pack, and then rode back and helped us unpack.  As she informed us, this was not the first time she has helped us move.  So, if you need an wonderful packer to help you move. . . don't call my mom.  She said this was the last time she was helping us move ( I think I have heard that before).

Anyways, Craigslist is amazing.  I kinda knew this already.  We have sold many pieces of furniture on Craigslist in the past.  But this sell was really, truly amazing.  On Sunday when we were packing up our place, and we decided that we didn't want to move our washer and dryer all the way back to Kansas.  Here is the timeline of events.

12:00 - We decided not to move our washer and dryer.

12:30 - We post a listing on Craigslist for our washer and dryer.

1:00 - We realize we didn't get the listing uploading correctly from our cell phone.

1:15 - We finally get the washer and dryer listed.

1:16 - We start receiving a million phone calls and emails from people wanting the washer and dryer.

1:40 - We receive an email from a single mom who wants us to give them to her for free, and then she emails again and says her husband's pay check didn't come on time. (How are you a single mom and have a husband?)  Her story got crazier and crazier.  Lesson learned here: If you are going to lie, keep the story simple.

3:00 - The guy who called first shows up and loads the washer and dryer on his truck.

4:00 - We close up the truck and leave for Kansas.

I was so excited to list, sell and have our washer and dryer hauled off in under 3 hours.  But not nearly as excited as when these beauties were delivered today.

I am sure doing laundry will be exciting for about 5 more loads, and then it will just be laundry again.