Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ready for Take Off

Last week we moved into our new house.  I LOVE our new house.  This week I am back in Pratt working, and I miss our new house.  :(

Little did we know when we bought the house we were also purchasing a rocket ship/time capsule/shower.

 Welcome to my master shower.

When we were purchasing the house, one of the few things we were worried about was the shower in the master bath.  It was new and all, but it wasn't very big.  Well, the size of the shower is not really a problem, but figuring out all of the knobs, buttons and spray heads has been an adventure.

The shower comes with a remote!  That's right, I can turn on all of the bells and whistles before I even step inside.  There is a built in radio, lights, fans, a steam function, foot jets, rain shower, hand held sprayer and a row of jets behind the seat.  There is a little touch screen inside the shower to control all of this, and I think I saw a little phone icon on the screen one time (I don't know when I would ever want to take a phone call in the shower).

Now the really funny part has been my husband and I trying to figure out how all of this works.  The first time my husband turned it on, water shot out of the back jets and sprayed us and the whole bathroom with water.  When I got in the shower for the first time I am pretty sure I sprayed myself in places I was not prepared to be sprayed.  I have been too afraid to use the back jets or foot jets yet.

Now if you notice in the picture above, you can see the reflection of my leg.  Yes, that's right, two walls are mirrors.  I don't really need to see myself in a full length mirror while bathing.  Luckily, these mirrors fog up most of the time so I can't see myself.

Also, this shower is completely enclosed, because it is a steam shower (not a shower for those who don't like small places).  Which is great while you are in it, you never get a draft.  But once you slide back those two doors, the bathroom is still freezing cold.  It is kind of a rude wake up after a nice shower.  I am sure I will not enjoy that part in the winter.

One final thing, the shower has an alarm in it.  Not really sure why, but my husband thinks it is pretty funny to turn on.  He said he is going to use it as my wake up call in the morning when I need to get out of bed.  Not my idea of a happy wake up.

Beam me up Scotty!


  1. how strange! i wonder what the person/couple was like that had this thing built!!

  2. Hilarious. Just hilarious.

    I want a remote for my shower. hot damn.