Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New Car!

I got a new car on Monday! Yipee! It's a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Isn't she pretty!

Another view (as you can tell it was a little chilly when I took the photo this morning).

Here are the girl specks on my new car:
* It's Blue (really all girls want to know is what kind of car and what color)
* Black leather interior
* Heated and Cooled front seats
* Heated rear seats (all my passengers can thank me now)
* Heated Steering Wheel (This has been my favorite thing so far)
* BlueTooth with voice control (makes driving and talking so much easier, and safer)
* Navigation and Back up camera
I keep finding cool new things to love every day!

Here are the boy specks on my new car:
* 2012 Grand Cherokee Limited
* V-6
* 4 wheel drive

Really, I don't know what boys care about when it comes to cars.  I know my husband is obsessed with what size wheels are on his truck.  Every time one of our friends gets a new car, one of my first questions is what color is it.  Will never asks what color it is, so obviously this is not what boys care about.

As with any new car I want to keep it perfect as long as possible.  So when the dogs had to ride in the car on the way to Pratt on Tuesday morning I was a little on edge.  First off, I walk outside at 5 am Tuesday morning and it is snowing.  I put the dog's bed in the very back of the Jeep for them to sleep on, then I went to get the dogs.  I open the back door (it has a power lift gate, so cool) and the dogs jump in and immediately jump over the back seat.  I am screaming and freaking out for them to get in the back of the car, it didn't want them to scratch the leather.  I am sure my neighbors enjoy the frantic screaming outside at 5 am.  "GET IN THE BACK!! GET IN THE BACK OF THE CAR!! RIGHT NOW!!"  So, I finally get them in the back and the whole trip I am yelling for them to lay down and stay in the back of the car.  Derby looked so confused.  I am sure after a while the dogs will have full reign of the car, but for now they have to deal with psycho mom and her new car.

 Steering Wheel (in case you didn't know what that was)


Back Up Camera

Now she just needs a name.


  1. BEAUTIFUL!!! How awesome! I got a new car last Monday and it is so much fun! Congrats girl!

  2. Heated passenger seats......for Derby and Coops comfort for sure! lol.

    Love it and can't wait for a ride!