Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I Survived!

I survived the Christmas weekend! I survived 6 adults and 3 kids staying at our house for 4 days (my husband's family).  I survived a sit down dinner for 40 at our house on Christmas day.  I survived it all, and now I am exhausted.

I thought I was a an adult.  When I bought my first house, when I got married, when I helped start a business with my husband.  I learned you are not truly an adult until you host your first holiday.  I have never cooked and cleaned and obsessed over every little detail as much as I did last week.  It didn't help that most people had not seen our new house before, so I was extra crazy about having the place look perfect every time someone stopped by.

One of Will's family members asked me if I was a neat freak, and I laughed.  I am the farthest thing from a neat/clean freak.  My bedroom has been a constant mess from the age of 4 until about a week ago.  And I am sure it will go back to being a mess just as soon as I get home again.  But I wanted everyone to think I am much neater then I really am, and it must have worked.

The last house guests left at noon yesterday and Will and I got up at 4 am this morning to drive back to Pratt for work.  I will be going to bed extra early tonight (if I don't fall asleep at my desk).

Here are a few pictures from Christmas Eve.

9 foot Christmas tree in the living room.

Smaller tree in the basement.  It was supposed to be decorated purple and silver (K-State) for my husband.  Didn't happen, ran out of time.

Look at all of those presents under the tree!

We made three kinds of soup Christmas Eve (potato, pork green chili and chicken & sausage gumbo).      We also made three kinds of meat on Christmas Day (pork, beef and turkey).

More yummy snacks on the bar.  Christmas Day everyone decided tequila shots were the drink of choice.

The kids are ready to stop taking pictures and start opening presents.



  1. Loving the tree and loving that bar! :)

  2. SO impressed!! Your place looks beautiful. Can't wait to see it sometime.