Monday, February 6, 2012

Challenge - Week 3

Being a business owner and a trophy wife at the same time is tough.  I am sure my husband will agree with this statement.

Last week was not kind to me on the scale, and I really though I wasn't doing that bad.

Previous week's weight: 155.4 lbs.

Current week's weight: 160.2 lbs.

That's right I gained.  It was a tough week for both challengers.

I am really a little disappointed in myself, I thought doing this Challenge would help kick my butt in gear and make me want to work out and eat better and be a winner, but that just hasn't happened.

Life and our business have gotten in the way.  I work out of town every week.  Even when I have intentions of working out after work, our client asks us to have drinks after work.  Then I am usually starving and make another not so great choice while eating out.  Not to mention the extremely limited healthy food choices at the restaurants in Pratt.  I can't eat another iceberg lettuce salad with cheese, 2 slices of cucumber, 2 cherry tomatoes and croutons.

I know these are all excuses, and others just like me are able to do all this and more.  This is the last week of the Challenge and I am going to give it all that I can this week (not counting what I ate at the Super Bowl Party yesterday).

The good news is I am not really over weight, but I do want to be healthier and more in shape.  I want to stop this slow upward climb my weight is on before it does become a problem I really have to deal with.

Laura, we can turn this around!