Thursday, February 2, 2012

Game Eye

A year ago I learned a new term, Game Eye.  Game Eye is the ability to spot wild game while out hunting, or driving by at highway speeds.  I learned this when we moved to Wyoming last year and would see antelope every where.  Apparently my husband has a very good game eye, as he was told this by some fellow hunters.  I, on the other hand, have a horrible game eye.  I probably saw half as many antelope in Wyoming then my husband did.

When we are driving some where, my husband will point out all kinds of wildlife.  Even when he tells me where to look I still can't see anything.  Half the time I just nod and agree, because I don't want to admit that I can't see a damn thing.  I think growing up in the city has really hampered my game eye development.

Now that I drive back and forth across Kansas on a regular basis people always tell me to watch out for deer.  I don't know how to "watch out" for deer.  Unless that deer is standing in the middle of the road already, I am never going to see it.  I always nod and say okay, but I never drive any differently or "watch out" any differently.

So a couple of weeks ago while driving across Kansas at 5:00 in the morning, I decided I was going to try extra hard to "watch out" for deer.  I was driving along, and it was still pitch black outside, and all of a sudden I see a deer just a little ways off the road in the ditch.  I was so excited that I saw the deer the I screamed " I saw it! I saw a deer!"  Apparently this is not the appropriate reaction to seeing a deer, as everyone laughed at me for it latter when I was telling my Great Deer Spotting Story.

A week later I was driving back across Kansas, this time at night, and just off to the side of the road I saw a whole family of deer.  Sadly, I had the same reaction as before, screaming for joy at seeing the deer.  Oh well.

Watch out Kansas wildlife, my Game Eye is improving.

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  1. omg, hilarious! I'm crying!

    I'm the same way, Ryan's all, "See those deer! See that coyote! Look at that antelope!" And I'm like....huh? Where? The other way? Which way? By the tree??? There's 856 trees! Be more specific in your location suggestions damn it!!!

    Then he's like, "Jesus Laura, we passed it like 10 minutes ago."

    Apparently I need to work on my 'game eye'. a lot.