Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hangman Rules

Recently in our office we got a giant whiteboard to keep track of all of our files going in and out.  I think everyone still holds on from childhood the joy of writing and drawing on the whiteboard.  So of course the minute the board when up, someone suggested playing hangman on it.  So now we have an office game of hangman going.  Different people put up the puzzle and periodically as you walk by the board, you can guess a letter.  It has been fun so far, but it is apparent that we need rules for this sort of thing.

Hangman Rules

1.  There are no categories.  This is not Wheel of Fortune, it's Hangman.  Just start guessing letters.

2.  You can only guess one letter at a time.  Someone (cough, Phil, cough) feels the need to put 5 letters up at once.

3.  It must be in English, but the use of proper English is not necessary.  So far most of the puzzles have been inside jokes and sayings from around the office.

4.  Names are except able puzzles.  Not that I can say I always spell the names correctly.  Opps.

5.  There is no money involved.  Again this is NOT Wheel of Fortune, just a friendly game of Hangman.

6.  You cannot write in just words you have figured out.  Keep it to yourself, and keep guessing letters until you have the whole puzzle.

I am glad we have established these rules, I will be posting them in the office shortly.  :)

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