Monday, February 20, 2012

Sad Laura

What could possibly make my friend Laura have such a look of despair and sadness?

Was Ryan Reynolds involved in a horrible, disfiguring accident?
Nope, he's fine.

Did K-State loose another basketball game on Saturday?
Nope, they beat Baylor!

Did we run out of wine, beer, beer-ritas, etc.?
Nope, the drinks were flowing all weekend long.

So what was it that could make Laura so sad?

One Word


That's right, we ended up at a karaoke bar on Saturday night.  None of our group actually participated in the singing, but boy did we laugh at those that did.

There was the man that sang show tunes, complete with jazz hands.

There was the man that sang a tribute to Whitney Houston, it was very off key/pitch/just bad.

There was the little old man, Larry, that sang old love songs.

There was the woman that thought she was going to be discovered singing karaoke.  She was also wearing an interesting shirt, we called her "Parachute Shirt."

There was the man in a Canadian Tuxedo (jeans, jean jacket, jean shirt).  He didn't sing, but his outfit was awesome.

I am fully aware, and prepared for the fact that posting this picture of Laura on the internet, will result in pay back in some form or another on her blog.  

Love ya' Laura!

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