Monday, January 30, 2012

Just Another Manic Monday

Aren't Mondays so much fun?  Don't you wish every day could be Monday?


My Monday was especially crazy.  Like most Mondays lately, I got up at 4:30 am to get ready and drive down to Pratt.  So of course I didn't sleep at all last night because I knew I had to get up so early.  I just lay there waiting for my alarm to go off.  I finally get out of bed and in the shower, just as I get out of the shower my hubby leaves to get to Pratt before me.

Not five minutes after he leaves the house do I hear Cooper throwing up in our bedroom.  Let me tell you a 75lb dog throwing up is not petite.  He pukes twice in our bedroom and I finally drag him out into the hall and he pukes two more times on the tile.  Now I have 4 puddles of puke to clean up at 5 o'clock in the morning.  Awesome.

I finally get everything cleaned up and everything in the car, including the dogs, and we are off, 40 minutes later then I wanted to leave.  On the way down to Wichita, Cooper is very antsy, and keeps getting up in the back and looking around.  I am pleading with him not to puke in my car.  I am not sure that Cooper understands what I am saying, but I would like to think he does.  Luckily, he makes it all the way down with out another incident.

Just to add on to Cooper's puke I got to clean this morning.  On Friday, we are getting ready to leave the hotel and head back home and I am taking the dogs outside.  Cooper decides to pee on my foot!  I was wearing ballet flats, so not just on my foot, but in my shoe.  So gross!

Needless to say, Cooper is not on my favorite dogs list right now.  I can't take any more from him.


  1. eh dog puke, baby puke, kid puke, it is all puke. You keep on loving them anyway. I hope Cooper is feeling better.

    Do you take them to the vet or just assume it is a stomach flu of some sort? My dogs do weird stuff sometimes and I never know when to run them to the vet or just hold off. It isn't like my daughter where she can tell me what is wrong or I can check for a fever or something.

  2. It's the worst.. every once-in-a-while in the middle of the night we hear a "yaaaaak, yaaaaaaaaaaak" from our german shepard. It is so bad b/c you know what is going to happen next. Usually Tyler leaps from the bed and rushes the dog to the bathroom. Tile floor is so much better than carpet!! UGH!!!!