Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Girl Time

This past weekend was my chance to catch up on some much needed girl time.

On Sunday I got to see some of my best girl friends.  They are all ladies that I meet while working at Brooke Franchise Corp.  Sadly, we all got laid-off from there and the company went under.  But we all ended up better in the long run.

These women are more then just former co-workers, they are my true friends and confidants.  It is so nice to just have girl time.  Where we can rant about husbands, kids (or dogs in my case), family, work and just life in general.

One of these ladies is the reason I met my husband.  Without her and her husband, I never would have met Will. Sometimes it is crazy to think how the people we meet shape our lives.

On Monday night we had a Mother/Daughter get together with some of the women I grew up with.  All the mothers are like my second mothers, and I have learned so much from being around them.  All the daughters and I grew up together.  We are all about the same age, and although we have all taken different paths in life, it is nice that we can still fall back together.

I really learned the importance of girl time when I started traveling with my husband for work.  We work in a sometimes male dominated field.  I took for granted getting to see my close girl friends on a regular basis, until I had to go for months without seeing them.  I now know how important that time is for me emotionally and psychologically.  It's like it recharges my batteries.  It makes being on the road all the time and away from my family, friends and home seem bearable again.

I need to remember that for my own sanity I need to make more time for my girls.

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  1. Girl time never seems to happen often enough! This is a good reminder and makes me so nostalgic. I feel like I have really lost touch with most of my true best girlfriends...most of which is probably my fault with moving out of state and not being good about picking up the phone just to say hi. And it seems to get harder and harder every year to keep in touch and especially to make time to see each other. I'm really hoping we can plan another ZTA retreat. I know Katie B mentioned it recently but then nothing came of it. I miss everyone back home so really would be great to see everyone and get some MUCH needed GIRL TIME!!