Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Challenge

If you didn't know already, I am slightly competitive.  Ok, I have to win, and hate to loose.  But I am not a sore looser.  My good friend Laura is also competitive.  And to use our competitive powers for good and not evil, we have come up with a weight loss challenge for the next month.

Welcome to the "Look Hot for Our Hunky Husband's" Challenge.

Our husbands will kill us when they find out this is what we named our challenge.  But I don't think they really read our blogs, so I think we're safe.  I guess this will prove if they read them or not.

The challenge starts today and runs through Valentine's Day.  And to make it a true competition there has to be a prize.  In keeping with the theme, the winner gets a $25 Victoria Secret gift card.  Watch out hunky husbands.  We will weigh in every Saturday and update our progress here on our blogs.

Today was the officially first weigh in, the starting point for the competition.  And here is where I am going to make excuses for my current weight.  I was so proud of myself a year ago when I lost 10lbs. before my wedding.  I felt great, I looked great.  But sadly, six months of living on the road, eating badly and not working out has not been good for me, I have gained all of that weight back and a little more just for fun.

Drum roll please. . . My current weight is. . . (Not sure how I feel about posting this on the internet.)


Now for the good news.  I have already started to eat better, more fruits and veggies, and less fried foods (yesterday doesn't count).  This week we joined the gym in Pratt, and I have already gone once.

So watch out Laura, I am winning this challenge!
Check out Laura's progress on her blog.


  1. I love the name of this challenge! You go girls!

  2. Good luck JBW! (I guess it's just JB now, huh? Or maybe JBWB. Jay-Bee-Dub-Bee. Yeah, I like it!) We are also eating cleaner (and I don't mean cleaning products) comes and goes every few months, but I'm really trying to stick with it!. I have yet to start working I'm missing a huge chunk of the get healthy lifestyle. Oopsie. I'm also not brave enough or consistent enough to post on my blog, but I look forward to watching your progress!!