Friday, January 13, 2012

Quick Doggie Story

You haven't heard any crazy stories, about my crazy dogs lately.  Surely you didn't think they were actually being good all this time.  Let me fill you in on what they have been up to.

Our morning routine in the hotel goes like this.  Will gets up, showers, gets ready and leaves for the office.  Then I get up, shower, get ready, take the dogs out, and leave for the office (the bathroom is not big enough for two people at one time).

Well, this morning Will had already left for the office and I was in the shower.  I heard Derby crying (he cries when Will leaves) and I was talking to him while I was in the shower.  Then I got out of the shower and was getting ready, and all of a sudden it dawned on me that it was very quiet in our room, too quiet.  I look on the bed, no dogs.  I look on the floor, no dogs.  I see their leashes on the floor, so Will doesn't have them.  I call for them (silly I know, if I don't see them they aren't there, it's a small hotel room).

Then it dawns on me again, Cooper may have let him and Derby out of the room.  I am still not dressed yet, so I crack the door to our room and peak my head out.  There at the end of the hallway are my two dogs just hanging out all by themselves.  I call for them, and they come running down the hallway to our room.  They run in and look at me like "What?  We were having a good time."

The even weirder part of this whole story, is it kind of happened earlier in the week.  I was drying my hair, and when I turned off the dryer I hear our door open and close.  I run around the corner and Cooper has the door half open, but hasn't gotten out.  Cooper has learned that when I can't hear them, he can let themselves out of the room.

I guess I am going to have to start dead bolting the hotel door while I get ready.  Just when I think I am still smarter then the dogs, Cooper has to go and prove he is one step ahead of us.

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