Thursday, January 26, 2012

Clean or Dirty?

I have noticed the new diet/healthy lifestyle on the block is Clean Eating or Real Food.  Where you eat only whole, natural foods that have not been processed or chemically altered.  Some of my friends have been doing very well with this diet.

I agree whole heartily with the philosophy behind this dietary lifestyle.  I know I feel 100% better on days when I eat lots of fruits, vegetables and fish or lean meats.  And you know it the long run it cannot be good for you to be eating all the chemicals they put in food these days.

My brother works on an organic farm in Pennsylvania, and is always telling us about the different produce we should be eating.  He introduced us to fresh beets this summer.  When he lived with me, he worked at Whole Foods and would always bring home fruits and vegetables I have never even heard of.  I feel like I should expand the fruits and veggies that I buy.

Now to the point of this whole post.  I have to laugh at the name of this food trend.

Clean Eating / Real Food

Does this mean that when I stop at my beloved Taco Bell, or come home to an empty refrigerator and make myself some Mac and Cheese, that I am Eating Dirty or Fake Food?  Let's be honest, we all know I am not perfect (well almost), and I will not stick to just healthy foods (why am I on a diet in the first place).  And really all I have been craving lately is some delicious, dirty, fake donuts, chips, fast food, french fries. . .the list goes on and on.

So here's to Eatin' Dirty.  


  1. Dirty pizza. That's what I crave lately.

  2. I'm a bad bad bad clean eater tonight. I had dirty pizza. *bows head in shame* in my defends I'm sick, I only had one slice,and its all I had to eat today.