Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cotton Bowl Weekend

The hubby and I traveled down to Fort Worth, TX last weekend to cheer on K-State in the Cotton Bowl. We went because Will LOVES K-State and I love to drink and party with friends (and now can be seen sporting purple on a regular basis).

We drove down on Wednesday night and listened to the Cats loose to the Jayhawks in basket ball on the radio. I am not going to comment on that fact one way or another as to not offend any family or friends, I am Switzerland.

Thursday everyone headed to the pep rally at Ranger Stadium, Will and I did not.  We used to live in Fort Worth, and knew how bad the traffic can be at that time of day and decided to pass.  So we went to the bar to save a table for everyone.

Yep, that would be 6 buckets of beer on our table.  The bar actually ran out of Bud Light at two points in the evening.  K-Staters are drinkers.

Friday was game day.  We tailgated with our friends the Lockharts, and then went into Jerry's World a/k/a Cowboy's Stadium to watch the game.

There was a band playing outside the stadium.

The view from our seats.  We were on the top deck, thanks K-State for the awesome seats and selling out of the tickets we paid for (not that we were bitter or anything).

The band played before the game.  Here they spelled Big XII.

And here they spelled K-State.

And here they spelled K S U, they are so talented!

The giant American flag for the National Anthem (I have no clue who sang).

And just in case you forgot we were in Jerry's World, the worlds largest TV!

Unfortunately, it was not the Cat's day, and we lost.  But K-Stater's don't cry in their beer.  The next day we bounced back and embarrassed and unbeaten Missouri team in basket ball.  Have fun in the SEC!

Saturday night Will and I had an amazing steak diner at Bob's Chop House, sorry no pics.  And then we hit the town with some friends.  

  I don't know if you can read it or not, but that sign says "Burgers and Coldass Beer"  I need that sign for our basement.

Finally, some other drunk people from a wedding at our hotel ordered this monster sandwich.  Can you see the size of it?  Those are dinner plates sitting next to it.

It was a little weird being back in Fort Worth as a tourist after living there for almost two years.  The hotel we were staying at was only 3 blocks from the apartment we rented.  But one of my favorite things, was the view from our room overlooked the Water Gardens, where Will proposed to me.  It has always been a favorite spot of mine in Fort Worth and now always will.

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  1. First of all....I'm still so jealous that y'all went down there. And I couldn't go. Stupid family get-togethers.

    Second, that's The Band Perry singing. I can totally tell by the pic. Aren't you listening to any cunt'ry out there in BFE???

    3rd: Glad you had fun! Next year we are totally going.

    4th: totally kickin' your ass in our little challenge! hehehe